Abundant Natural Resources

The Proof is in Our Productivity

The Locate South Georgia counties produce over 4 billion dollars annually in Farm Gate Value with 2.7 million acres of fertile land, 3.6 million acres of timber, and a balanced climate that is virtually free from harsh weather.

Quality Land

Land That Grows Opportunity

The quality of land in South Georgia is second-to-none. Whether you’re planting crops, reforesting, or constructing a manufacturing or distributing facility, the Locate South Georgia region is solid ground for your investment to grow. The productive land, mild climate, natural resources, and accessible water supply provide a foundation worth building on.

A Business-Oriented Region

Fertile Ground for Growth

Not only is the land fertile for agricultural growth, but it’s right for business growth as well. Cost effective real estate ensures that your investment can meet your budget, with acres upon acres of productive land ranging from green fields to fully developed industrial parks.

Excellent Weather

The Right Climate for Business

There’s nothing worse than production being halted by inclement weather, so why not move to a region that has virtually none? The average annual temperature sits right at 78 degrees, there’s an average of 54 inches of rainfall, and the mild winters make sleet and snow extremely rare, so you don’t have to worry about weather interrupting your business.

Abundant Wood

The Wood Basket of the Southeast

South Georgia serves as a vital component of the state's 30-billion dollar forest industry, with over 3.6 million acres of sustainable forest lands. The region supplies raw materials for 32 primary facilities, with strong markets for pulp and paper, lumber, veneer, poles, and bioenergy.

Floridian Aquifer

A Water Supply Directly Underground

The Floridian Aquifer lies directly underground over 100,000 square miles of the Locate South Georgia Region, providing direct access to one of the world’s most productive aquifers. The aquifer produces 3,640 million gallons of water per day, allowing irrigation, industrial processes, and plentiful public water.

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