Collaborative Partnerships

A Region Built on Teamwork

Our region offers several competitive advantages that will aid your business, like local to state level partnerships to get your project across the finish line, utility partners that work as an asset to meet your infrastructure needs, local and regional banks with quick access to capital, and colleges scattered across the area.

Beneficial Relationships

You’ll Have Help Along The Way

Relationships are difference makers. Whether you are choosing a location for a Fortune 500 company, or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur laying the foundation for your next venture, your profitability is our priority. Through rapid decision making, streamlined permitting, and collaborative partnerships, you’ll have the help of a region that appreciates you, and that is committed to serving your needs.

Local Relevance

A Place Where You’re Appreciated

Unlike urban areas where you’re more likely to be looked over, South Georgia is a place where your business is appreciated. We’re always eager to see our region grow, and we’re appreciative of the jobs, revenue, and people that come with new businesses. With low costs, a welcoming community, less competition, and an opportunity to create immediate impact, your business will have every advantage in South Georgia!

Resources and Efficiency

We Make Starting A Business Easy

South Georgia’s administration is all about enabling you to get your business started, with numerous companies and institutions committed to helping you through the process. With the resources of the numerous local colleges, the access to capital from the local banks, and the commitment to efficiency from the local government, there’s nowhere else that makes starting a business easier.

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