Dedicated Workforce

Never Afraid of Hard Work

Displaying the grit that built this country, the workforce of South Georgia is trainable and responds quickly to opportunity. Employers share countless stories of employees with 10, 15, and 20 years of service that began their careers in entry-level positions and have climbed the ranks to become major decision makers in their company’s operations. Putting their dedication to work for you is an advantage towards increasing your profitability.

Educated Workforce

Education Within Arm’s Reach

Within the Locate South Georgia region, no one is further than a quick thirty-minute drive to a technical college or four-year university. Furthermore, the Technical College and University System of Georgia are key allies to Locate South Georgia, providing invaluable input, employee training, and a stable foundation for educating your future workforce. Our talent pool is deep, educated, and hard-working.

Great Employees

A Strong Work Ethic

South Georgia is known for producing hard workers. By introducing new innovations to educate tomorrow’s workforce, our schools produce well-rounded, competent workers who can get the job done, and our commitment to workforce development is ever mindful. Loyalty and honesty are admirable traits for the people of South Georgia, assuring you to have a wide range of excellent employees to choose from.

Strong Education

Education with Emphasis on STEM

With a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, our school systems are committed to producing a solid labor pool, prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. With flourishing robotics programs, mathematic teams, 4-H clubs, and Technology Student Associations, our region has some of the brightest young minds. South Georgia knows just how important these fields are, and our next generation will be well-equipped to handle the technical workload of these industries.

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