A Logistical Hub

The World is Within Reach

When your operation is located between three International airports, reaches two-thirds of the US Population by Class 1 Railroads, and has access to a modern network of highways for your freight and people, you’ll be at a significant advantage.


Your Connection to the World

Moving people, product, and raw materials is easy and efficient in South Georgia. With I-10, I-16, US 19 and I-75, you’ll have quick access to the Southeast’s deep-water ports, 3 international airports, and the capital cities of Atlanta, Montgomery, and Tallahassee. With its prime location and transportation network, South Georgia is your direct connection to the world.

Interstate 75 & US 19

The Transit Backbone of Locate South Georgia

With over 90% of Locate South Georgia’s region within an hour’s drive of I-75 or US 19, you’ll have close access to some of the nation’s longest and most traveled interstates and highways. I-75 also intersects with US Highways 82, 84, 280, 319, and 441, providing you with an efficient network of roads that will take you where you need to go.

Class One Railroads

Moving Freight by Rail

South Georgia is home to a vast network of rail, connecting the region to the entire country. CSX Transportation is headquartered just across the border in Jacksonville, Florida, and operates a 21,000-mile network. Norfolk Southern also serves the area, operating 20,000 miles of track, ready to move your goods all along the eastern seaboard.

Air Travel

Airports Prepared for Your Needs

In the Locate South Georgia Region, you’ll be able to choose between three nearby International airports in Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. You’ll also have quick access to dozens of other excellent airports, with features like onsite UPS sorting facilities, 6,000 + foot runways, and full cargo capabilities. In South Georgia, you’re never far from an airport that can get the job done.


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