in South Georgia

The Locate South Georgia region offers excellent opportunities for emerging and established bioscience companies. Top bioscience companies in our region include:

  • Bell Companies, Tifton, Agricultural Research, developed powdered peanut butter
  • Birdsong Peanuts, Ashburn, converts peanut shells into animal feed products
  • CJB Industries (Salvus), Valdosta, Chemical & Biological Detection
  • Danimer Scientific, Bainbridge, Biodegradable Plastics
  • Equinox Chemicals, Albany, Organic Synthesis and Toll Manufacturing
  • ERCO Worldwide, Valdosta, Inorganic Products and Chlorine Dioxide
  • Optima Chemical Group, Douglas, Specialty Organic Chemicals
  • Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Albany, Non-prescription Medicines, Vitamins, Nutritional Products

Organic and inorganic chemical development and manufacturing have a strong presence in our region. Agriculture bioscience research also is growing due to the region’s strong agricultural base and network of universities and technical colleges engaged in such research, particularly the University of Georgia’s Tifton campus.

Approximately 75 scientists at UGA’s Tifton campus do research on a wide range of commodities, including cotton, peanuts, vegetables, nuts, and turfgrass, all of which make agriculture the No. 1 industry in Georgia.

Tifton faculty and staff have developed several tools in the past for farmers (i.e., peanut combine and sod planters) and made these available to the public without applying for a patent. Additionally, scientists have received more than 50 patents for their research in Tifton, covering products such as turf grass, muscadine grapes, pecan trees, peanuts, and more.

South Georgia’s pro-business climate, excellent location, and agricultural base for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and other products make bioscience companies a good fit. Additionally, state incentives include the R&D state tax credit, the Quality Jobs tax credit, and the Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Machinery and Equipment.