Strong Education
in South Georgia

The education of tomorrow’s workforce is a major focus of the communities in the Locate South Georgia region. Local pubic school districts work hard to provide more than basic public education to their pupils, building tangible skills and critical thinking in our students. By introducing new innovations to educate tomorrow’s workforce, our schools produce well-rounded, competent workers.

Focused on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, our region’s school systems are committed to producing a solid labor pool, prepared for 21st century challenges. Our South Georgia communities' bright young students participate in robotics programs, mathematic teams, 4-H clubs, and Technology Student Associations. South Georgia knows how important these fields are, and our next generation will be well-equipped to handle the technical workload of these industries.

The teaching and learning in our region ensure graduates are ready for the next step, whether that means entering the workforce, or pursuing post-secondary education.

Locate South Georgia Workforce Education Levels

  • Graduate Degree 32,316
  • Bachelor's Degree 47,486
  • Some College 135,355
  • High School Diploma 156,922

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Relevant Degrees Awarded by Locate South Georgia Institutions

Program Associate Bachelors Masters Total
Agricultural Operations/Sciences (Livestock, Horticulture, Agribusiness) 13 195 12 220
Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Biology, Marine Biology, Biotech) 2 175 20 197
Business Management (Administration, Accounting, HR) 210 539 96 845
Computer-Information Sciences (IT, Computer Science, Systems Networking) 58 69   127
Engineering & Related Fields (Electrical, Electromechanical, CNC Machining) 17 4   21
Health Professions (RN, Medical Office Mgmt., Health Information) 818 633 207 1,658
Logistics (Operations, Materials, Supply Chain Management)        
Mechanic & Repair Technologies (Automotive, HVAC, Airframe/Aircraft) 34     34
Physical Science (Chemistry, Geology, Oceanography)   49   49
Precision Production (Machine Shop, Welding) 1     1
Protective Services   99 199 29 327
Total Graduates   1,252 1,863 364 3,479

Sources: NCES Statistics, 2022

Higher Education

The Locate South Georgia region is home to 13 universities, colleges, and technical colleges educating 48,000+ students annually and producing hundreds of graduates each year. Collectively, the region’s higher education institutions prepare students for a variety of careers across every industry the region supports.

For details about our higher education institutions, click here.