Locate South Georgia Regional Overview

Through partnerships with local and state agencies in economic development, education, healthcare, transportation, and utilities, Locate South Georgia works each day to create an environment in which business can succeed and the prosperity of the region can grow.

Our History

Launched in 2015, Locate South Georgia was created under the sole premise of marketing rural Georgia. Today, Locate South Georgia operates as an all-encompassing regional marketing effort comprised of 22 communities in Southwest Georgia.

This group sets out to change the perception of the term “rural,” providing proof that a desired quality of life exists off the beaten path. Contrary to many other marketing initiatives, Locate South Georgia uses a regional approach. Since companies choosing a place to do business rarely focus on a single city or county, Locate South Georgia is dedicated to showing that the region has the skilled and educated workforce, favorable tax environment, convenient access to major highways and transportation hubs, affordable land, plentiful water, low cost of living, and a pro-business regulatory environment for its target industries.

About the Region

The Locate South Georgia region is diverse in its community make up. It includes small cities and suburbs, small towns, and acres upon acres of available land for endeavors that range from agriculture to solar farms to manufacturing campuses. Stretching from south-central Georgia to the Georgia/Florida line and westward to the Chattahoochee River, the members of Locate South Georgia are always ready to assist your plans for investment, expansion, and job creation.

Member Communities:

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    Ben Hill

    Known for creating solutions for job growers, Ben Hill County is continually investing in sites and infrastructure in preparation to meet the objectives of large industrial employers or entrepreneurs needing a home to launch an idea. Since 2016, Ben Hill has experienced significant growth in each of its industry sectors, and with its Federal Opportunity Zone designation, Ben Hill will soon become the home to one of the most advanced furniture manufacturers in the southeast U.S.

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    Berrien County is a beautiful rural community with modern amenities and ample space for new and existing industries. The county offers quick access to Interstate 75, several state and U.S. highways, CSX and Norfolk Southern Railways, and the ports of Savannah, Brunswick, and Jacksonville. A capable labor force, growing population and competitive incentives make Berrien County the right location for your business.

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    Brooks County offers a wealth of logistical, land, and labor advantages. Brooks maintains a shovel-ready, rail-ready industrial site with multiple spurs and direct highway access and is home to an abundance of picturesque acreage, historical buildings, and Antebellum plantation homes for the perfect Camera-ready site as well as an upcoming 50,000 sq. ft. film studio and soundstages. Brooks County also offers a massive labor shed, advanced education and workforce development programs, and a warm and inviting hometown experience that is naturally unique.

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    Douglas-Coffee County acts as a regional commercial and employment hub in a predominantly rural part of the state. It centers a region of approximately 400,000 people. The charming historic city of Douglas is the nerve center of the region. The city is home to more than 161 Goods Producing firms and nearly 670 Service firms including shopping, dining, hotels, and professional services. There are approximately 141,000 workers within a 60-minute drive time.

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    Home to Sanderson Farms, Maule Air, National Beef, Universal Forest Products, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Ice House America, Cavco Industries, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and others, Colquitt County is well-positioned for continued growth. A strong workforce training pipeline, low operating costs, favorable working conditions, and a host of local and state incentives provide many reasons to #SelectMoultrie.

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    On I-75, Cook County offers a wealth of powerful advantages in a community totally focused on your needs. Here, a can-do workforce joins a county-wide support force to pave your way at every turn, beginning at startup: ACCELER-UP, Cook County’s custom construction program, speeds facility completion and drives down costs, powered by an industry-leading, in-county custom metal construction sector.

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    While Cordele, Georgia has strong agricultural roots, Crisp County’s three rail lines, local airport, and interstate access position the county ideally for logistics-dependent industries and manufacturers. Our largest industries include West Fraser, Big Tex, Marvair, Goldens Foundry, Helena Industries, and the Griffin companies. Cordele's Inland Port®, rail sites, and industrial parks make Cordele and Crisp County an ideal location in which to grow your business.

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    Decatur County and Bainbridge have a quality workforce, provide excellent training opportunities at the Technical College, and have a can-do leadership group that works in concert to make things happen. The area also enjoys a great transportation network with U.S. 27 & U.S. 84 highway access.

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    Albany-Dougherty County’s success is largely credited to dedication and collaboration, with successful partnerships across many efforts. As an industrial powerhouse in South Georgia, corporate citizens include some of the world’s best-known companies, such as Procter & Gamble, MolsonCoors, MarsWrigley Confectionery and Georgia-Pacific. Albany is recognized as a great small city for businesses and young professionals, and offers vibrant cultural and recreational scenes.

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    Early County was created in 1818 from land obtained from the Creek Indians and is named in honor of Peter Early. As with many counties in Southwest Georgia, peanut farming is a vital component of Early County’s economy. Early County is the largest peanut quota holding county in the nation. In recognition of this crop’s importance, a statue of a peanut was erected on the square in Blakely, a city in the county, in 1954.

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    Grady County has a rolling terrain with numerous small streams and rich soil. A favorable climate affords natural resources for one of the richest farming areas in the nation. Grady County was the original diversified farming center of the Southeast and there are local processing plants for many of the major crops. The region’s farmland and timber provide a scenic backdrop for a quaint small town, outstanding quality of life, friendly neighbors, and community spirit.

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    Georgia's 41st county, Irwin County is located in southeast Georgia and provides residents and visitors alike with a peaceful small town atmosphere. The beautiful farmland and small town charm that make up Irwin County are a sight to see. The feeling of community here is as strong as the farmland that surrounds it. Irwin County is full of welcoming residents who are proud of their home grown roots and looks toward the future with drive and enthusiasm

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    The catalyst for Lee County's growth has been combining an award-winning state and nationally acclaimed school system, moderate climate, Southern hospitality, and pro-business approach to economic development. Lee County is a progressive community and the ideal place for a family. The community offers a desirable climate, a low cost of living, affordable luxury housing, a wide range of recreational and cultural activities, opportunities for life-long learning, and high-quality healthcare.

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    Valdosta-Lowndes County is celebrated for excellent schools, livable neighborhoods, quality governance, and a pro-business mentality targeted especially toward advanced manufacturing, value-added agriculture/food processing, and warehousing/
    distribution. Valdosta-Lowndes County citizens enjoy state-of-the-art healthcare training centers, top-ranked specialty hospitals, championship golf, world-class education institutions, and one-of-a-kind tourist attractions.

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    Businesses that come to the Mitchell County find it a great place to live, with available properties, excellent infrastructure, a strong workforce, incentives, and four historic towns that offer a Southern hometown lifestyle. The Flint River, which defines the western county line, offers recreational opportunities for fishing, bird watching, and canoeing.

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    Randolph County offers recreation, business, education, history, small-town friendliness, and proximity to a major metropolitan area. Located 50 miles south of Columbus, GA and 40 miles northwest of Albany, GA, Randolph County is Work Force Ready, Entrepreneur Friendly, and Camera Ready.

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    Located in the southwest corner of the state, Seminole County is situated a short two hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Home of Seminole State Park and beautiful Lake Seminole, the area is known as a prime fishing and hunting location, making tourism a top industry next to agriculture. The county is home to a large peanut processing facility, a shelling equipment manufacturer, several drying plants, a cotton gin and other small manufacturers of farming equipment.

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    Terrell County, adjacent to Dougherty County and the City of Albany, is on the Highway 520 corridor, an invaluable asset for economic development. Other assets include four charming small towns, several industrial properties complete with infrastructure, an airport, good schools, low crime rate, railroad access, and a wealth of recreational access and amenities.

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    Thomasville and Thomas County provide the attractive combination of great quality-of-life and state-of-the-art infrastructure necessary to support business. Located on the Georgia Florida state line, Thomas County has direct access to six four-lane divided highways. Thomas County is headquarters for a host of regional, national, and multi-national companies and offers an unbeatable lifestyle.

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    Tift County is just one hour north of the Florida line, two hours from the East Coast and two hours south of Atlanta. Interstate 75 runs through the heart of Tift County, one of the major north-south thoroughfares in the U.S. While Tift County prides itself on being business-friendly, a low crime rate, affordable cost of living, quality public and private schools, a vibrant arts community, and abundant outdoor recreation are all great reasons to call Tift County home.

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    Home to door manufacturer Steves & Sons Inc., Turner County is an ideal spot for economic development. With a strong tradition in agriculture, Turner County is moving forward to provide an economic structure that welcomes distribution, logistical and manufacturing industries. The city and county, as well as private partnerships, are committed to incorporating the principles of smart economic growth into the community.

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    Worth County offers a skilled and hardworking labor force. The 196-acre Worth Industrial Complex is certified Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development and is just 15 minutes from I-75, 175 miles from Atlanta, 200 miles from Savannah and 190 miles from Jacksonville. Worth County’s municipalities and rural areas offer a warm, inviting, and peaceful lifestyle with all the necessary amenities to accommodate businesses and the families of your employees.